Mohammed Khan (Founder, CPA):

After working more than ten year in the industry, he decided to found A-aaron Protection Services Inc. in 1991. Since then, pushed by his enthusiasm and demanding work quality, the company has grown steadily. Putting in practice his values of honesty and hard working, he transformed A-aaron in one of the best rated security companies in GTA, serving the best companies in the region.

Giuseppe Arpino (CEO, MBA):

He is responsible for elaborating the strategies of the company and implementing its culture, which generated the most honorable and enthusiastic team in the market, with outstanding results.

Debora Bergamo (General Manager)

Debora takes care of human relationships, from clients to employees, to make A-aaron successfully attend customer needs. By acting coherently with the company�s vision and mission, she is responsible for getting the highest corporate customer evaluation in the market.

Security Guard Team

This is the area where A-aaron cares the most. Our guards receive special training and are updated constantly. They are consciously selected among many candidates, and passionately work for many years in the company. A-aaron holds a very low turnover rate.